Excellence in Erection


OLE Accolades
Cross Rail Outer Maidenhead December 2015-August 2018
MJ Hughes employed and Installed all main steel on the project followed by SPS installation and pre-registration ready for the wiring program, the project finished ahead of schedule and we helped the client achieve the wiring mandate before our expected completion date including the project setting the record for the most wire runs completed in one weekend which was a total of twenty two, our duties covered all manner of the OLE spectrum and it was very challenging but very rewarding seeing the team pulling together and us achieving our goals on behalf of the client & the project moving from strength to strength and finish on a high note.  

The Greater West July 2017 to present

MJ Hughes moved on to the massive 40 mile stretch of OLE works on TGW Electrification project from Bristol to Cardiff central, the Main steel and all the SPS was installed by September 2018 on the RS6P phase which was then wired, commissioned, energized and handed back to the Client on time and on budget 77 Masts and Ties, 28 Booms (of which 2 were 44m in length), 326 SPS assemblies, 60 wire runs, all the afore mentioned were installed over the space of 21 days! The good work continues!